Can e-bikes revolutionise long-distance commuting?

Can e-bikes revolutionise long-distance commuting?

Marc Dekker commutes 80 miles a day on his high-speed e-bike. Are these powerful new cycles the long-awaited green solution for lengthy commutes?

Every morning Dutchman Marc Dekker hops on his electric bike and cycles 40 miles from his house in a suburb of Utrecht to his work in the town of Ridderkerk. And when work is done, he cycles back another 40 miles. All in all it takes him about three and a half hours to commute. “The actual distance is 45km (28 miles), but I make a detour to avoid having to cross a river by ferry,” he says.

For years Dekker went by car to his job as a computer programmer. But early last year his employer called him into his office and said: I am worried about you. “He was right,” Dekker says. “I was continuously tired and had a short fuse. I drove to work very early in an attempt to avoid the rush hour and when I got home it was already dark. The traffic jams were killing me and I was never outside. Something had to change.”

The great thing is, you can choose how fast you want to pedal and you don’t arrive sweaty at work

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Source: Guardian Transport

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