Chris Grayling’s record of catastrophic failures | Letter

Chris Grayling’s record of catastrophic failures | Letter
The transport secretary has a history of blunder and disaster, writes Jan Clare. As minister of justice he oversaw the virtual destruction of the probation service

I share Owen Jones’s view of Grayling’s staggering incompetence (How on earth is Chris Grayling still a cabinet minister?, 3 January). Similarly I am sadly not surprised that he keeps a job in what has become a shambolic government. In any other government it would have been truly amazing that he was put in charge of transport, particularly given his spectacular failures as minister of justice.

Owen Jones alludes to his record of “blunders” and “disaster” but I think his virtual destruction of a gold star probation service in 2013/14 needs to be spelt out. People need reminding about it. He oversaw the transforming rehabilitation agenda that meant selling off a huge section of the probation service to private contractors. Again no concern was shown that some of these had little knowledge of what delivering probation services involves. The government has already had to bail out these private firms who were not able to make the profit they expected – crime does not and should not pay!

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