Airport VAT row: customers threaten not to show boarding passes

Airport VAT row: customers threaten not to show boarding passes

Retailers face passenger revolt after Treasury minister said some were not passing on to consumers savings from VAT relief for international travellers

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Shops at airports are facing a consumer revolt over claims that retailers are asking customers to show boarding cards to avoid paying VAT without passing discounts on to customers.

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I’m certainly not showing my boarding pass to airport retailers. What message must this send to tourists? Rip-off Britain?

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@WHSmith so it’s impossible to charge two different prices at an airport? With an electronic till? I’d suggest trying slightly harder

@WHSmith Impossible for you to have dual pricing in airports? You do already if you pay VAT on EU flights & not elsewhere. One giant scam.

@skynews whsmith self service require a boarding pass to scan-otherwise you can’t buy it-more expensively than the high Street.

oh to fly somewhere again so I can enjoy the small pleasure of refusing to show my boarding pass when I buy essentials at Boots and Smiths

@whsmith @boots Last time I ever show you my boarding pass you slimebags. Unbelievable!!!

Quite looking forward to refusing to show my boarding pass at WH Smiths or boots when I go to the airport next week

@WHSmith going through Heathrow this morning. Following VAT revelations in news this morning,in your stores do I HAVE to give boarding pass?

@Laconic_doc next time they ask in Heathrow WH Smith or Boots I will refuse and tell them they have no legal right to ask for boarding pass

@BBCBreakfast I declined to show boarding pass at Dixons, LGW last month. Was told ‘it is the law’ – would not process sale without it.

@Peston I bought a bottle of water at Gatwick airport and questioned why I had to show my boarding pass in Boots. They were not impressed.

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