An ultra low emission zone won't clean London's air alone

An ultra low emission zone won't clean London's air alone

Boris Johnsons latest air quality move might not be quite the game-changer he claims

Boris Johnsons plan to improve the capitals air quality by making central London an ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) has now gone out to consultation. It will require all motor vehicles driven within the zone to spew little if any bad stuff from their exhausts by 2020, four years after Johnsons ultra low achievement mayoralty (ULAM) is due to end. Toxic tailpipe fumes are by far the biggest cause of people-killing air pollution in London, so will the ULEZ provide the ULAM with a posthumous upgrade?

The mayor says the ULEZ, which will cover the same area as the congestion charge zone, will be the first in the world and is essential for safeguarding Londoners well-being. Hes seemed less keen to mention the need to at last bring London into line with European Union limits on airborne pollution that harms human health and so avoid the UK government being hit with a fat fine. Thanks to London, the threat of this has been hanging over the nation for five years.

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Source: Guardian Transport