Bridges and Borisness

Bridges and Borisness

Plans for Londons garden bridge underline the need for new Thames crossings to be guided by the right priorities

Lambeth Council has given its approval to the Boris Johnson-backed proposal for a pedestrian garden bridge spanning the Thames between the South Bank and Temple station. Next month, Westminster City Council, on the other side of the river, is expected to do the same. With these two vital planning planks in place, the main remaining challenge for the trust supporting the bridge will be to finish raising the £175m required.

Opinion is split about the foliage-filled foot crossing. Critics denounce it as the mayors latest vanity project, which Transport for London (TfL) must spend £30m on. You get the feeling it would rather not. The Waterloo Community Development Group thinks its a terrible idea. Joanna Lumley, whos been campaigning for such a crossing since 1998, envisages a woodland suspended above Thames waters in which people can lose themselves and linger. But if anything like eight million tourists are drawn to it each year, tranquility might be in short supply.

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Source: Guardian Transport