Cooking up a storm over Chilcot | Letters

Cooking up a storm over Chilcot | Letters

Your subheading “The Tory Firebrand was once a Trotskyite…” (Owen Jones, 9 September) suggests that I am a supporter of the Tory party. Actually, as Jones accurately explained in his article, I have spent the last eight years or so campaigning unsuccessfully for the destruction of that ghastly organisation. Also, it’s a sad day when the Guardian, of all newspapers, no longer knows the difference between “Trotskyite” (a Stalinist term of abuse) and “Trotskyist” (a technical description).
Peter Hitchens

• Is Mr Bruce, who claims there is “a failure of humour” in the Guardian of late (Letters, 8 September), reading the same paper as I am? What about Stuart Heritage, Michele Hanson, John Crace and your unmissable Catherine Bennett for starters?
Vera Koenig
Headcorn, Kent

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