Goblin line’s fate could be electrifying | Letters

Goblin line’s fate could be electrifying | Letters

Your article The train now stalling (13 August) on the views of Sir David Higgins, characterises the Office for National Statistics as a “guilty party” in that its reclassification of Network Rail reduced that company’s ability to fund improvements. These classification decisions are made solely on the basis of international standards and European law. They are designed to ensure that liabilities are attributed in accordance with where the risk ultimately lies – in this case, with UK taxpayers. The Office for National Statistics has no discretion to do otherwise.
Joe Grice
Office for National Statistics

• The north isn’t the only area where rail improvements are under threat. Down south, the electrification of the 13-mile Barking-Gospel Oak line (unofficially referred to as “the Goblin”) also hangs in the balance. This modest but crucial “infill” scheme is desperately needed so that four-car electric trains can replace the line’s chronically overcrowded two-car diesels, and enable its growing freight traffic to be hauled by cleaner electric locomotives.
Graham Larkbey

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