Is Britain’s rail network getting worse?

Is Britain’s rail network getting worse?

Strikes, delays and fare hikes are affecting many train users in the UK. Passengers have good reason to feel the system is falling apart – but this instinct is not necessarily borne out by the facts

How are passengers being let down?

The numbers of commuters affected by the spectacular implosion of the Southern rail network have made it the most eye-catching failure, but passengers in the south-west and north have also had reason for complaint, suffering some of the worst crowding, and riding on the oldest, most ramshackle rolling stock. In general, after improving for most of the past decade, rates of punctuality have plateaued and started to worsen in the past four years. Meanwhile, rail fares have continued to rise at more than twice the rate of wages during the last decade, going up another 2.3% on average this week.

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Source: Guardian Transport

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