London's bus drivers deserve a better deal

London's bus drivers deserve a better deal

There is a long way to go before the capital’s bus drivers’ union achieves its goals, but today’s strike at least means that their case is being heard

If it achieves nothing else, today’s bus strike will underline for Londoners how vital the bus service is to the capital. Around six million bus passenger journeys are made every day on the city’s fleet of around 8,800 big, red vehicles, compared to around four million made on the Underground, whose workings and industrial relations receive so much more publicity.

About 2.3 billion bus journeys are made in Greater London every year, which is as many as the whole of the rest of England combined. The bus is the bedrock of the capital’s public transport system and, being the lowest priced, the one most accessible to the well-off and the hard-pressed alike. The drivers of those buses deserve a better deal.

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Source: Guardian Transport

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