Miserable news on the buses | Letters

Miserable news on the buses | Letters
Michael Green laments UK transport developments, Ronald Walton says buses provide a lifeline for older people, Patrick Carroll makes a funding offer, and Liz Bebington says London buses are better than the rest

Two articles highlight our country’s increasingly benighted and impoverished thinking. First, we learn that bus journeys are 10% down since 2008, coinciding with a 55% increase in average fares and the virtual halving of public funding (Bus services ‘in crisis’ as number of journeys falls, 15 October).

Compare this miserable news with another report (How free buses are revolutionising one French city, 15 October), telling how Dunkirk has become the largest city in Europe to offer free public transport, joining 56 other European transport networks and 98 worldwide, in what is a rapidly expanding movement.

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Source: Guardian Transport

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