Night tube: top 10 London clubs – chosen by the experts

Night tube: top 10 London clubs – chosen by the experts

London’s long-awaited night tube is a gift to the capital’s clubbers. As the Victoria and Central lines start a non-stop weekend service – with other lines to follow in the autumn – we asked the cream of London’s club scene to point us to the party

“The tube carriages on the roof; the ever-changing mural on the wall outside; the exposed brickwork and giant skylights; that green room. There are several features that make Village Underground one of the capital’s most distinctive spaces. Of course, there are some venues where ‘charm’ or ‘character’ (grot, basically) prevail over the alcohol company-sponsored, homogenised hegemony of nightclubs all over the planet. But VU is neither – salubrious yet louche. The team that runs the place are perhaps the nicest, warmest family of people behind any venue in this city, and in my opinion, the security team there is the best; the iron fist in the velvet glove, correctly executed. But for me, it’s about the people who go there. It’s a beautifully colourful cross-section of London’s revelling tribes: hipsters, fashionistas, voguers, goths, privates, choisers, geriatrics, Zoroastrians, Beliebers … all are welcome, and ostensibly, all attend. This eclectic roll call reflects the venue’s programming. A little something for everyone in a time when it is vital for our nightclubs to offer more.”
Ajay Jayaram is co-founder of London event series The Hydra

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Source: Guardian Transport

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