SDC Shortlisted for Trailer Innovation Award

SDC Shortlisted for Trailer Innovation Award

SDC Trailers have been shortlisted for the Trailer Innovation Award ‘Concept’ category. SDC submitted their pioneering Trombone trailer with on-board safety equipment for the prestigious award. The custom built Severfield Rowan Trombone trailer has been designed with advanced safety features for loading and securing various different materials such as tubing, decking and raw materials. An on-board Mansafe system is available for immediate use, aiming to increase operational efficiency on a busy construction site. An exclusion area is cordoned on both sides of the trailer using yellow extended posts and bungee cord for a fork-lift to safely unload material.

Other novel features include a reinforced rear crash barrier, built in straps for securing loads and extra sockets across the bed of the trailer for forward restraint. Twenty-four lockable aluminium side posts provide additional security while confirming to the strength required for transporting heavy loads. Cycle guards have been added to both sides of the trailer to increase safety for inner city transport. The innovative design goes above and beyond the current safety requirements and is the first of its kind in the UK.

Managing Director Mark Cuskeran commented: “We are pleased to be shortlisted for this year’s Trailer Innovation Award. Our ENXL certified Trombone trailer is another example of how we can custom build products to the highest quality standards to meet the requirements of our customers. The innovative design not only improves safety for the operator and the public, it also enhances operational efficiency and provides a sound return on investment. This is just one of many innovative trailer designs that SDC have brought to the market in 2014.”

The award presentation will take place on Friday 26th September at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Convention Centre where SDC will be showcasing a range of their innovative trailer designs on stand FG M52. The impressive line-up includes SDC’s ‘Fastliner’ Buckleless Curtainsider with Stobart livery, a Low Ride Height TIP Skeletal, the SDC ‘Autoliner’ Car Transporter and the company’s striking Hospitality Trailer. The eight day IAA Commercial Vehicle show held at the Deutsche Messe Fairgrounds Convention Centre in Hannover expects to draw over 200,000 visitors, providing an excellent opportunity for SDC to present their trailer portfolio to transport operators around the world.

Source: UK Haulier