Shire railways are losing out to London | Letters

Shire railways are losing out to London | Letters
Les Bright points to deprived areas of the south, while Peter Fellows crunches numbers

It is no surprise that, with all eyes turned towards Brexit, politics has reverted to type with the “north-south divide” reasserting itself (North of England continues to see cuts in public spending, report finds, 5 December). But this formulation is inaccurate and divisive, suggesting that all of the south is prosperous and favoured by those who allocate government resources. Tell that to the people of the southern shires where per pupil spending is significantly below that of London; rail travellers whose trips are cancelled or made by bus when moderate storms coincide with high tides; and communities where bus services have been reduced or removed. Crossrail will do little or nothing to improve rail services outside of the corridor of privilege that it will create, and HS2 has no relevance for most of us. London’s dominance over the rest of the UK, as measured by power, influence and funding, may well have contributed as much to the outcome of the referendum as migration-related fears and must be addressed if further fractures are to be avoided.
Les Bright
Exeter, Devon

• Transpennine rail upgrade linking Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford Hull and York: £2.9bn. Crossrail 2 vanity project: £30bn. Says everything you need to know about the government’s political priorities (Transport secretary considering ‘seriously flawed’ rail upgrade, 8 December). Roll on a general election.
Peter Fellows

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