Southern rail strike enters second day – live

Southern rail strike enters second day – live

Thousands of commuters expected to be affected by five-day strike at troubled franchise

8.08am BST

And more anger…

My daughter’s sleeping on a colleague’s floor this week; can’t get to work. Have they considered consequences? Seems not. #southernstrike

Let’s make @SouthernRailUK pay for the tickets of all disrupted passengers. That would sort the strike out pronto #southernstrike

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Commuters have also expressed their frustration or support on social media using the hashtag #southernstrike.

Have arrived at #Redhill bus station. Now to go to the station to travel on to London Bridge #southernstrike

Where are the rest of the ‘striking’ conductors? Usually lots more. Maybe they are away on holiday? #southernstrike

Day two of #southernstrike and chaos at #threebridges. It’s far too early for these crowds! @SouthernRailUK

@SouthernRailUK #southernstrike

Travelling on the 100 bus to #Redhill and then on to London Bridge #southernstrike

Yes there is disruption, But I’m pleased to support the striking workers #southernstrike

It’s not just who pushes the button. I was on a train with a man waving a cosh threatening to rape. Conductor called BTP #southernstrike

Well done #southernstrike #eastgrinstead cant even run the limited strike schedule!! More cancelled trains!! #solved by conductorless trains

I AM ON A TRAIN! (Be it a packed, standing, somewhat smelly train, but still a train!) #southernstrike

No sympathy for #southernstrike workers. Unions are a nuisance and workers sacked for making people’s commute a misery. Get back to work

Had to get a super early train to work due to #Southernstrike which meant I couldn’t watch The Barefoot Contessa. I hate you all.

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The BBC has spoken to some affected commuters at Three Bridges.

It’s day two of the #SouthernStrike with thousands of commuters affected. We spoke to some of them at Three Bridges.

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On Wednesday, striking rail workers are to stage a protest outside the Department for Transport amid claims that the government has put a “blockade” on talks to end the row, which would have prevented this week’s strikes. The RMT said a deal was being discussed based on an offer made last week by ScotRail in a similar dispute which led to strikes being suspended. RMT general secretary Mick Cash said:

RMT can confirm that we were within an inch of making progress towards boxing off a deal with Southern in Acas talks on Friday afternoon that was based on the offer from ScotRail, an offer that enabled us to suspend all industrial action in the ScotRail guards dispute.

We were just getting into the detailed wording when suddenly the plug was pulled and our legs were kicked from under us. We have it on good authority that the deal, which would have enabled us to suspend the Southern strike action this week, was sabotaged by the Government with their director of rail, Peter Wilkinson, directing operations from outside the talks.

7.41am BST

Good morning. For a second day, commuter misery looms for thousands in the south-east, as the five-day Southern rail strike enters a second day.

The walkout is the result of a bitter dispute between Southern’s operator, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) and the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union over plans to change the role of conductors and other job changes, after talks at the mediation service Acas collapsed.

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