The Solowheel: check out this new giratory system

The Solowheel: check out this new giratory system

Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and Segways – make way for a new kind of unicycle. Prepare to wobble

“The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot,” to quote the late comedian Sid Caesar, “the guy who invented the other three: he was the genius!” Sympathy with this point of view is the instinctive attitude for newcomers to the Solowheel, an unusual, one-wheeled vehicle developed by American inventor Shane Chen. It is, on first inspection, a monstrously heavy, circular briefcase, about half a metre tall, offering no visible means of transport whatever.

To the seasoned pilot, however, the Solowheel is an elegant and convenient alternative to the bicycle, scooter or Segway, its closest relative. I was fortunate enough to receive half an hour’s tuition from Ray Brook, a kind of volunteer evangelist for the Solowheel who, at 68, stands living testament to some kind of anti-aging properties hidden in its workings. It is clear that, since he discovered the machine, he has barely set foot on solid ground; gliding, instead, through life with boyish exuberance, his legs perpetually glued to the twin wings of a Solowheel.

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Source: Guardian Transport

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