Trains a daily battle for million of disabled people | Letters

Trains a daily battle for million of disabled people | Letters

We’re pleased that Network Rail has pledged to make infrastructure improvements for disabled passengers (Report, 11 July). Transport is a daily battle for millions of disabled people across the UK. Our recent End of the Line report heard from hundreds whose lives are limited by a drastically inaccessible network. Much needs to be done. We are therefore deeply concerned that proposals in the Hendy review to defer 50% of ringfenced funding will mean a delay in removing these barriers. While any long-term plans to boost accessibility are welcomed, it is clear some vital quick fixes must be urgently implemented. Attitudinal training for staff and improved information on accesswould have an instant positive effect. While we commend Francesca Martinez’s brilliant leadership with the Spaces and Places for Everyone project, it is imperative that Network Rail works with additional organisations to help shape the accessible future that disabled people deserve. We look forward to the chance to collaborate on this crucial issue.
Robert Meadowcroft
Chief executive, Muscular Dystrophy UK

I welcome Network Rail’s commitment to improvements for disabled passengers, but where I live using the train is not just “incredibly difficult” but impossible. Despite the huge sums of money about to be spent on the electrification of the trans-Pennine route between Manchester and Leeds, there are no plans to include access for disabled passengers. Three stations on this line – Greenfield, Mossley and Marsden – cannot be accessed by wheelchair users travelling in the Leeds direction. If “inclusive design” is to become a reality, issues like this must be addressed immediately.
Declan O’Neill

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