Tube strike – live updates

Tube strike – live updates

7.11am BST

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. More prosaically welcome to live updates on the latest strike on the London Underground.

Yet again hundreds of thousands of commuters are battling into work without tube services as the four unions involved fight out the dispute with London Underground and Mayor Boris Johnson over the airwaves and social media.

The mayor made it clear no more money will be offered to resolve the row over pay and conditions, urging unions to put the latest “incredibly generous” offer to their members. Johnson also repeated his refusal to meet union leaders, and said he was “not fussed” about the new night service starting on time on 12 September.

The row escalated on Wednesday when the RMT union announced it will now ballot engineers working for Tube Lines for strikes over the same dispute, and Aslef accused London Underground (LU) of forcing through new staff rosters for the night tube without consultation.

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Source: Guardian Transport

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