We could freeze fares. But should we?

We could freeze fares. But should we?

A recent debate between London’s transport chief and a Labour AM illuminated the issues pushing fares ever higher

This year’s public transport fares increase has been milder than most under the incrementally outgoing Boris Johnson, but some Londoners remain displeased. They’ve popped up on telly complaining that services have not improved. They’re queuing unhappily at Brixton Tube. Those in the outer boroughs who buy a zone 1-6 off-peak one day travelcard are fed up to be paying around 35% more than they were last year compared with an average rise of 2.5% for everyone else.

On Tuesday, the mayor promised to examine the latter group’s concerns. But some think he should go much further and return fares to last year’s levels. An argument for a fares freeze has been set out in some detail by Val Shawcross, who is Labour’s transport spokesperson on the London Assembly. Last week she made her case to Transport for London (TfL) commissioner Sir Peter Hendy at a meeting of the assembly’s budget and performance committee. A richly revealing debate ensued.

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Source: Guardian Transport

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