Why cyling is great for everyone not just cyclists

Why cyling is great for everyone not just cyclists

Mass cycling could save the NHS £17bn in 20 years, cut 500 road deaths a year and reduce smog, says a new study for British Cycling presented to MPs today

At some point during most discussions about promoting cycling the question crops up: Yeah, but some people dont want to cycle or cant cycle how are bike lanes any use for them?

The answers are many and overwhelming. However, they can be hard to pin down. Luckily, someone has just done just that in a thorough and easy to follow way.

If people in urban England and Wales cycled and walked as much as people in Copenhagen, the NHS could save around £17bn within 20 years.

Shifting 10% of short urban trips from car to cycle, in English and Welsh urban areas outside London, could save over 100 premature deaths annually.

I want to get the message across to children that it is hip and happening to wear high visibility jackets.

Some children think horses are cool, others think that of bikes, so Im trying to show them that its cool to wear bright jackets like the professional men and women do.

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Source: Guardian Transport