ConsultancyThere is a growing need in the transport and logistics sector for consultancy staff with higher level skills. The industry requires companies now to have qualified staff in a diverse range of activities from dangerous goods to health and safety and, moving forward, in environmental management. We can help because:

• The industry is predominantly made up of SME companies who cannot hope to employ staff with all of the relevant skills and qualifications.
• Your staff are too busy undertaking the day to day operations of the company to undertake the necessary work relating to these areas of business.
• If you train staff to undertake the work there is the possibility that they will leave to take up a higher paid position

Consultancy Services

• Dangerous Goods-DGSA
• Driver/Delivery Point Risk Assessment
• Environmental Issues
• Health and Safety
• Human Resources
• Fuel Use Management
• Interim Management
• Training Programme Development
• In House Accounting
• Spot Checks
• Systems Checks

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