Truck Instructor (ITSSAR)

25. Industrial Truck Instructor (ITSSAR)

LS&C provides training and examination facilities to fulfil the ITSSAR requirements for the training, examination and registration of industrial truck instructor / examiners. Prior to training, delegates should ideally have a minimum of six months industrial experience of operating appropriate types of industrial trucks and have passed the appropriate operator test. Delegates must be able to produce their respective industrial truck operator certificates on arrival. (To be dated within 12 months of course start date). A refresher course prior to commencement is highly recommended.

Course Contents

In normal circumstances the course will be conducted on a ratio of:

1 Instructor, 1 Lift truck and 6 Delegates and take place over 10 days with examinations throughout.

During the training the delegate will receive training on the following:

  • Operating a lift truck to the standard required by the HSE for lift truck instructors
  • Structuring training material into a logical sequence for teaching knowledge and skills
  • Adopting an effective style for teaching skills appropriate to the type of truck involved
  • Adopting an objective and critical approach towards the effectiveness of the instruction they present and an appropriate method of assessment of trainees progress, and the setting up and testing of delegates basic operating skills in accordance with HSE requirements


LS&C can also provide the five-day re-registration courses for those approaching the end of their five-year registration.


LS&C can also provide the five-day assimilation course converting other instructors to ITSSAR registration.


Continuous assessments will be made of delegates during the practical elements of the training followed by formal theoretical and practical skills testing in order to demonstrate competence. These are over seen by an external ITSSAR invigilator.


All delegates who successfully complete the lift truck operating test to instructor standard and the written and practical instructor examinations, conducted by ITSSAR external examiners, will be registered by ITSSAR for five years, at the end of which a further re-registration course is required.

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