PDP – Petroleum Driver Passport

Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) is an industry initiative, backed by Government, to ensure all tanker drivers in the UK are trained and assessed to a consistent, high standard. It has been created by Downstream Oil Distribution Forum – a partnership of Employers, Industry Bodies and Trade Unions.

All petroleum road tanker drivers that load, transport and offload petroleum products from a terminal will need to gain a PDP which is valid for five years.

This provides a level of confidence that the tanker driver has achieved and demonstrated a minimum level of competency. Companies need to carry out PDP training four months prior to expiry date of all drivers’ ADR licenses.


The full PDP contains classroom training with a written exam (multiple choice), as well as practical assessments. Both need to be completed every five years. Both elements that make up the PDP must be taken and passed no more than four months before the ADR expiry date.

Refresher Training

You are required to attend classroom training and practical assessments every year to maintain the validity of your PDP. These too, need to be taken within four months before the ADR expiry date.

The Awarding Body for PDP is the same as ADR, that being SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority). We are an SQA Accredited Training Centre for both PDP and ADR.

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