Driver CPC

From September 2009, the EU requires all commercial drivers of PCV’s and LGV’s to attain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC), in addition to their vocational licence. The aim is to improve road safety across the EU and improve the efficiency of the transport sector. Anyone wishing to earn their living as a truck or bus driver from 2009 must gain the DCPC Initial Qualification at test. All existing commercial drivers, no matter how many years of experience, have to work towards a Periodic Qualification. That means they have to undertake 35 hours of accredited training within a five year period, and every five years after that. From 2014 it will be necessary for drivers to carry proof of training in the form of the qualification card to work legally.

LS&C offer a full range of courses which can count towards DCPC Periodic Training. In addition to our standard full day courses we offer a number of 3.5 hour modular courses which when combined with another 3.5 hour module from our range, within a 24 hour period can be uploaded as 7 hours of periodic training.

Current LS&C offer 8 modules which can be combined in any order.

Module 1: ADR Awareness
Module 2: Driver Safety
Module 3: Sharing Roads With Other Road Users
Module 4: Drivers Hours and Working Time Directive
Module 5: Tachographs an d Record Keeping
Module 6: Loading and Lashing of Loads
Module 7 : Pre and Post Journey Checks
Module 8: Customer Service for Drivers

Candidate requirements

Whilst there are no formal requirements for candidates, they should be both numerate and literate and have adequate verbal communication skills.

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Download this as a PDF Factsheet: LSC Driver CPC Modular Course