Management CPC

The CPC is the Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage and Passenger Transport. These qualifications are offered by OCR on behalf of the Department for Transport and include a range of subjects related to the business of road haulage or passenger transport management.

The qualifications are for individuals who want to:

• Enter the profession of Transport Manager, or
• Demonstrate their professional competence to meet operator licensing requirements – holding a CPC is one of the elements an applicant must satisfy for the Transport Commissioner to grant an Operators or ‘O’ licence.

CPC’s in Road Haulage and Passenger Transport will both consist of a single multiple choice assessment and a single case study assessment. Both elements will test national and international knowledge/application. So, to achieve an International CPC, candidates will only need to take two units.

The multiple choice assessments are available as quarterly, paper-based tests .

The case study assessment is a shorter, more relevant scenario and is issued with the papers at the start of the two hour assessment. The case study will only contain information that will enable the candidate to demonstrate application of the knowledge they have acquired.

It will only assess the core areas and candidates will need to achieve a typical 50% over the whole paper to pass.

The case study will focus on the application of knowledge, making candidates more adept at the skills required in relevant transport careers and benefiting the transport industry in general by encouraging more relevantly qualified transport managers.

Candidates will be able to take any notes or books of their choice into the case study assessment, and questions will test application of knowledge only. For example, the focus will be on candidates explaining, allowing them to demonstrate that they can apply their knowledge and use relevant sources of information. This ensures that those who gain the CPC are well prepared for the real world of transport management.

Our intensive courses are scheduled to run just prior to the 4 exam dates which are notified at the start of each calendar year and are always March, June, September and December.