Britain’s bus services are in an abject state | Letters

Britain’s bus services are in an abject state | Letters
We are urged to abandon cars and take public transport, writes Jo Hillier. But for many people outside London, this is an impossibility

Thank you for finally publishing a prominent article about buses (The rural town that refused to let austerity kill its buses, 6 June). Bus services in my part of East Sussex are regularly slashed, and the latest cuts by Stagecoach, which received no advance publicity, have left me unable to get to and from the place where I work. These services were already poor and underused, fielding rackety, polluting old buses not needed on more lucrative routes. However, they are absolutely essential to the people who use them.

Londoners haven’t a clue how bad public transport is outside their city. Even in towns, many routes are hourly and don’t operate in the evenings, on Sundays or bank holidays, all of which has a big impact on the local economy. This government seems to have no policy at all on public transport. My MP, Amber Rudd, has campaigned vigorously for high-speed trains to Hastings and Rye, and road-widening on the A21, both things which benefit the better-off, but seems to have no interest at all in the need of her own constituents to be able to travel around the place where they live.

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