General election anniversary – Politics Weekly podcast

General election anniversary – Politics Weekly podcast

Heather Stewart is joined by Jill Rutter, Ryan Shorthouse and Gaby Hinsliff to discuss changes to the political landscape since the 2017 election; Jessica Elgot presents spinners’ and MPs’ memories of election night. Plus, Helen Pidd on Chris Grayling, a disastrous timetable change and who pays for rail chaos?

Friday is the first anniversary of the 2017 general election. The Conservatives went into that campaign with a double-digit lead in the polls and came out of it without a parliamentary majority. George Osborne described Theresa May as a “dead woman walking”. But 12 months later, she’s still in Downing Street, with a little help from her friends in the DUP. What’s it been like for May operating in a hung parliament?

Labour came second in the election, though in some ways it behaved as it if had won. How far has it been able to move the political debate on to its own territory?

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