Great Western Railway's refund was way overdue

Great Western Railway's refund was way overdue

It took four months for me to receive my money back after the station machine and ticket office couldn’t trace my ticket

I booked online two return train tickets from London to Exeter. When I went to collect them the station machine didn’t recognise my reference number. Nor did the ticket office computer. I was advised to ring Great Western. Ten minutes before departure I was still queuing on its automated system so gave up and found a GWR official on the concourse. He told me my only option was to buy two singles to Exeter at a cost of £73 and to try to resolve the issue of the return ticket and a refund on board.

I emailed GWR from the train and was told my case would be dealt with within six weeks unless I complained via Facebook. Over Facebook an operative confirmed there had been a mistake with my ticket but there was nothing she could do, other than offer a refund at some unspecified future date and £25 of vouchers (which can’t be used for online bookings) as a goodwill gesture.

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Source: Guardian Transport

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