Is the government truly on London's side?

Is the government truly on London's side?

A commitment to greater devolution to the capital is being honoured slowly, unevenly and in one case not at all

Here’s a story I believe. So do the people I heard it from, which, given who they are, matters more. It goes that when Theresa May found out that Philip Hammond had met Sadiq Khan before delivering his autumn statement to discuss what powers and monies would be handed down to City Hall, Number 10 sent a rocket through the party wall.

I can’t say if this was because the PM was annoyed at not being told in advance that her man at Number 11 would be sitting down to natter with the London mayor, or because she didn’t want him hobnobbing with Khan at all. Either way, the tale is being seen as not only confirming May’s determination to impose her authority over her ministers but also showing her to be wary of allowing Khan to get a larger grip on the capital’s affairs.

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Source: Guardian Transport

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