UK weather: snow and ice expected to bring travel chaos – live

UK weather: snow and ice expected to bring travel chaos – live

Plunging temperatures, ice and snow forecast to combine to create treacherous conditions on the roads and railways

Just a reminder of conditions across the country yesterday:

Flying from Heathrow today? Read this first:

If your flight is cancelled, we ask that you do not travel to the airport and keep updated via your airline’s website. We’re working with our airline partners to return aircraft to where they need to be and full service recovery remains the focus. (2/3)

The latest wrap from the Press Association warns of snow and ice causing treacherous driving conditions at the start of the working week.

Here is a breakdown of what we can expect, after 12 inches of snow fell overnight in some parts of the country and temperatures fell to minus 12C:

Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon said, with snow flurries fading, most places across the country will wake up to a “bright sunny morning” and that it will be “very cold overnight”. With ice expected “quite widely” for many beginning another working week, he said there will be “widespread slippery, icy conditions” with some “tricky conditions” on the roads and pavements.

“Another feature for Monday morning is that there is some rain that is going to come across and clip the south east corner of the UK. There is a separate ice warning out for that because there is a chance that that rain could fall as a little bit of snow over the higher ground.”

Birmingham Children’s Hospital has put a call out for help transporting staff in to work – they need people with 4WD vehicles to volunteer.

URGENT APPEAL: Birmingham Children’s Hospital is appealing for people with 4x4s to help transport staff to the hospital in the city centre. If you can help, please call 07799 694 895.

British Airways is reducing its flight schedule from Heathrow today.

Customers are advised to check the status of their flight before leaving for the airport. You can do that here.

National Rail suggests anyone travelling today checks the journey planner to find out if their route is affected by bad weather.

Travelling today? You can check your journey via our planner to see any affects from poor weather

Airport operators have warned some flights at Heathrow will be disrupted today due to “crew and aircraft being out of position following yesterday’s weather”.

Passengers should check their flight status with their airline, the website warns.

Hello and welcome to our snow/traffic chaos/weather blog, where we will keep an eye on transport and life disruption across the UK – and probably include some nice pictures of the snow.

Millions of Britons will be waking up this morning to more of the white stuff, freezing temperatures and more trouble on the roads. If you don’t need to go anywhere, don’t.

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